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Plan For Gathering Starting Sunday, June 7

Dear HOP family,

After much deliberation and prayer, we have decided to move forward with a strategy for engaging in worship together at HOP starting this Sunday, June 7! This will be an ‘outdoor only’ Gathering, and the recorded message will still be aired on Facebook and YouTube at 10am for all church family members who decide to continue to worship from home. We are looking At this as a trial run, where these guidelines may need to be tightened or loosened at any time moving forward. So please be patient and gracious with us as we do our best to lead our Church in a way that honors Jesus, serves His people, and seeks the lost.

First, here is what we WILL DO! We will: - Gather outside at HOP on Sunday at 10 AM to worship together - Watch the recorded message together on our own devices (The large screen TV MAY be a viable viewing option, we are working on it) - Adhere to all published Minnesota state guidelines and regulations - Bring our own chairs and/or blankets to sit on - Wear a mask (strongly recommended) especially when singing - Keep social distancing in place at all times (6 foot spacing between non-family members) - Hand sanitize before and after the service (hand sanitizer will be provided) - Look out for the best interests of others (Philippians 2:3-5) - Love one another deeply (1Peter 4:7-8) - Pray for the Lord's continual Guidance! *Even though we have now decided to gather in person at HOP, we still strongly encourage and support smaller gatherings in peoples' homes on Sunday mornings, as this may be a safer and more sustainable method of worshiping and fellowship at this time. The guidelines state that these types of gatherings need to adhere to a '10 person maximum'.

What we CANNOT DO at this gathering: - go indoors - use the restrooms - hug or shake hands - linger on the grounds after the service - share any food or beverages - have any children’s ministry

While we completely respect each person's convictions on what they believe is best for themselves, please remember, we are in this to build one another up and serve each other! With that in mind, please choose to stay home if you are: - sick/not feeling well - immune-compromised - elderly (70+ is recommended) - uncomfortable meeting in this way

Be aware that this format and these guidelines will need to be very flexible and amendable! We will do our best to communicate with you on any and all changes and updates, and we welcome your input. We love you guys and want nothing but God’s best for each of you! Stay healthy and safe and make good decisions during these challenging times!

God’s Grace to you, The HOP Elders

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