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House of Prayer is a “come as you are” church.  No previous religious experience is necessary and people of every age and background are welcome.

Our church building, near BSU.


10:30 AM 

(service live streamed HERE)

Every Sunday at 9:00am (Currently on break

Please park using the street parking, reserving the four spots in the parking lot closer for those physically needing to park close.

We are a weave of ordinary people drawn together to
help one another pursue God.

We would love to know where you came from if it helps us know you and helps you grow,

but what we really care about is where you are going.


At House of Prayer, you’ll notice a casual atmosphere. Grab a treat and a cup of coffee, or refreshment. Sit wherever you are most comfortable. Children join the adults in the service during the call to worship.

The call to worship is usually one to three songs of worship we sing to signal the beginning of the worship gathering, followed by prayer and announcements. We then break for “half time” when you can sign your children into their classes or the nursery and grab yourself a warm up of coffee and a treat while you greet one another.

Our nursery and Sunday School are great places for children from birth to age 10. The staff and volunteers create a safe, fun atmosphere in which children can learn Bible stories and participate in age-appropriate learning.


Call to worship. We want to set aside our anxiety and settle our minds on the compassion of God. We usually sing 2 to 4 songs during this time. Everyone worships in his or her own way. For many, that means raising hands, singing and clapping along, and for others it means quietly reflecting on the words. You’re welcome to do whatever helps you connect with the Lord.

Children ages 3 to 10 are dismissed to Sunday School after the call to worship, which is the first few songs at the beginning of worship. In Sunday School, kids will participate in an interactive lesson, learning principles that will help them walk with God now and for the rest of their lives. Our vision is to be a church where everyone participates in helping others grow, and that includes our children.

Every weekend, our pastor gives a straightforward message from a passage of Scripture that is crafted to help your everyday journey of faith. These messages will help you develop a growing, vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ, and apply biblical teaching to your own life.


Before we conclude, we take time to worship God again, usually 1 or 2 closing songs and a benediction. If you want, you may pick up your kids from the children’s ministry and bring them in to worship with us. Children learn best from their parents and this is a great opportunity for them to see us worship God and learn from that example. Perfect behavior is not expected.

We regularly celebrate communion together. Anyone seeking a deeper or more meaningful relationship with Jesus can participate in this time of reflection and prayer.

Each week, House of Prayer’s regular attenders leave their offerings in the hand-crafted box in the back. Offering is about a lot more than a sense of duty or obligation. Giving is an opportunity to rejoice in all that God has done for us and to express our gratitude. Each time we give, we reaffirm our belief that God is a loving Father and gracious Provider for us, His children.

Visit our archive of previously recorded sermons.
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