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Discussion Questions For Sunday, June 21

“Understanding Collective Judgment”

Restorative Justice Series, 6/21/20

Questions for Small Group Discussion

  1. What are some of the ways you tried to construct an identity for yourself as a child or young person? Were they always consistent with your background growing up?

  2. Think about the groups you have wished to belong to. What might this say about what you valued at the time?

  3. Holding groups accountable for their decisions can be difficult. This is part of the reason why committee work so often degenerates – collective responsibility can be impossible to enforce. If it was up to you and no one else, how would you want to see America held responsible for historic sins of racism and oppression?

  4. In the message, Pastor Mike challenged believers who struggle with the violence of the OT to carefully think through the implications if we attempt to explain those passages away – neglecting the retributive aspects of God’s justice blunts the prophetic voice of God’s people. Do you agree? What dangers are inherent to this position?

  5. Does knowing that God will judge every individual and group for sin help you to forgive and have compassion on those in great sin?

  6. Read Daniel 9:1-19. How does Daniel address the sin and consequences experienced by his people? America is not Israel, so how should Christians today obey the truths found in the passage?

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