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Discussion Questions For Sunday, June 14

Questions for Small Group Discussion

General Questions:

  1. In what ways do you see insecurity about ourselves playing a role in the discussion about political correctness?

  2. Do you believe the internet is multiplying opinions and making communication more difficult? How not or how so?

  3. In what ways do you struggle with cynicism (i.e. feeling weary or defeated in prayer)?

  4. How can you build a child-like faith in your prayer life?

  5. What role can lament play in rejuvenating our faith? (The Desert of Lament is the journey we take between the promises of God and the reality of our experiences.) How might it help to keep calling out to God with hard questions, rather than giving up?

  6. Do you regularly use any of the prayers of lament in the Bible to help you to pray?

Questions Helping Shape our Lament:

  1. How do you see black and minority communities in America lamenting right now (even if they aren’t lamenting toward God in prayer)?

  2. How do you experience Christians of color lamenting right now?

  3. What do you think is the lament of our police staff and other public servants?

  4. What is your lament for minority communities in America? What about in the Church?

  5. Do you have a lament for America or for the Church?

  6. If lament is the journey between God’s promises and our reality, and God’s promises are for his people, is it okay to lament for things happening in secular society? Why or why not?

  7. What role do you think suffering can play in deepening our faith?

  8. What role do you think suffering can play in deepening our love, empathy, and compassion for others?

  9. Do you want God to turn your suffering into more faithful or loving prayer? How might lament teach this to us?

  10. In Daniel 9, Daniel repents of the historic sin of his people. Do you feel you could or should incorporate repentance on behalf of the nation into your lament for America?

NOTE to Parents adopting this for family discussion: This is a great time to teach our children about prayer and empathy. We recommend having discussions centered around specific laments, like Psalm 6:1-3, or Daniel’s prayer of repentance in Daniel 9.

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